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Taxation of Buy-to-Let Properties

In 2015 the UK Government set out its Five Point Plan for housing which was designed to stimulate housing supply and encourage first-time ownership. Support such as this was welcomed by many as the impact of the global financial crisis, and the critical effects this had on the property development sector, continued to be felt by first-time buyers as they battle astronomical rents and house prices worsened by low salaries. Alongside the introduction of affordable homes, and enhancements to the Help to Buy scheme, the Government has over recent Finance Acts introduced a number of tax changes imposed on buy-to-let investors presumably with the intention of deterring investors from investing further, which the Government believes will free up property for owner-occupiers. Read more


New Tax Legislationt’s some time since the 2012 Budget, which seems to have caused more U turns in policy than any other recent government with the ‘pasty tax’ and the ‘tax dodging’ charitable donors debacle to name but two of the particular highlights. We now have the calm after the storm and this seems like a good time to give a brief summarisation and our interpretation of the less talked about anti avoidance legislation that was introduced, with immediate effect, to counter the use of ‘offshore trusts’ for IHT avoidance, AKA excluded property trusts. This has not been the subject of a U turn!
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