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Review: Tax Avoidance Consultations

iStock_000046894284_XXXLargeAugust 2016 saw the launch of two consultation documents by HMRC; the first, a technical consultation entitled Tackling Disguised Remuneration, and the second, a discussion document entitled Strengthening Tax Avoidance Sanctions and Deterrents, both of which share a common theme which is to influence the behaviour of promoters, intermediaries and taxpayers themselves, as HMRC seeks to further enforce their clampdown on tax avoidance. Read more

80% of cases are won by HMRC?

VAT| HMRC | Case StudyIt is now common knowledge that the legislation proposed by HMRC in the consultation document; ‘Tackling Marketed Tax Avoidance’ was enacted and forms part of the Finance Act 2014 (FA 2014) with only a few amendments of note. During the legislative progress of the FA 2014, the objection to certain elements of the proposals, in particular the retrospective nature of implementation, should have been heard loud and clear, but instead it fell mostly on deaf ears despite members of the Treasury Select Committee declaring that the retrospective nature of the legislation was ‘a monstrous injustice’.

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